The Link Between Us

Normally when I think of a link, I picture a carabiner or one or more links in a chain. I imagine something physically solid that can keep a good grasp of something from both sides and on both ends. These type of links gain their strength from their design – their shape.

The link between us is a very similar. It’s been forging itself since the day we met and gains it’s strength from our continued dedication to each other – no matter the shape that our relationship takes.

There was a long chain of events that brought us together five years ago, and another chain of events that somehow directed us to where we are now. It may not be a place we thought we’d ever be, but we’re here and it’s not over unless you say it is.

I’m proposing to you Kimberly.. on a public stage.. in full view of the public eye. Take a moment to look into my eyes and recognize my soul, like you have done so many times before.

I Love you Kimberly. Please wear my engagement ring. It’s just one of the symbols of the Link Between Us.

– Your Forever Groom, Craig

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