Breakfast Television 8 AM Oct 23

Breakfast Television interviewed Forever Groom on their October 23, 2008 show.

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  1. Monday, as verified by Forever Groom Says:

    Yes, you sounded very good. Well done. You know I cannot say much but if I can commend the other grooms on their efforts, I am taking the liberty of doing the same for you. I am impressed, appreciative of your efforts and want to say well done this morning. You were sincere, thoughtful and carried yourself very well!

    [added by Forever Groom]:

    Does that mean you’ll marry me? *flirt*

  2. Nj Says:

    awww….i hope you win Forever Groom!

  3. Lorraine Says:

    The more I read about Monday and how she’s treating this whole process as a contest to win her over, the more I have to shake my head. I cannot help but laugh at her comment about how she can commend FG on his efforts to win her over, just as she has done for the other 5 men in the contest… what a joke! She is just lapping up all this attention, and in the process, making herself out to be “a prize” for the lucky winner. This isn’t a game, it’s people’s hearts and lives she’s playing with… maybe not the 5 men in the contest, because they have no heartfelt feelings for her…. but for FG, at least his heart is in the right place, and although he is kinda making this into a game too, at least he’s doing it for the right reasons – because he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. If you ask me, she’s just doing all of this for the attention. Forever Groom, I have to say this to you…. do you really want someone who can’t decide if she wants you until she sees what else she has to choose from? And in the end, if she does choose you, are you ever going to be able to forget that she didn’t love you enough to say “yes, you’re the only one, and I don’t need to see what other options are available to me”? If she has to wait to learn more about the other 5 before she can decide if she wants you, then she obviously doesn’t know if you are “the one”…. not a very solid foundation to build on. I wish you luck FG, but I don’t think you should settle for someone that is throwing you into the “eeny meeny miney mo” game…. shouldn’t your bride already know you’re the one?

    [added by Forever Groom]:

    To answer your questions Lorraine:

    Actually, I took what she said about me to be a kind of ‘public’ acknowlegement that she sees the value in my efforts. After all, I’m doing the same thing here (for her) by the existence of this website. And as for her hesitation to marry me well, it’s only been like 10 days of uncertainty for me. Surely I can withstand a few more days given the circumstances and by circumstances I mean that I gave her WAAAYYYY more than 10 days of uncertainty myself.

    Do I mind that she wants to consider the other (5-1=4) grooms? No. If I were in her (very unique) situation I would do the same thing as she.. gather all the information before making such a big decision.

    Just so you know, I did notice that you are lookin’ out for me.. and thanks! :)

    – Forever Groom

  4. Lorraine Says:

    Forever Groom:

    Thank you for answering my questions :D I have to disagree with your comment about how you are doing the same thing with this website. You’re not doing it as a pubic acknowledge of her efforts… she hasn’t made any efforts where you’re concerned…. you’re doing this as a last ditch effort to win her heart forever. And I understand that you have given her a lot more days of uncertainty than she is giving you now… but for all the days you made her wait, were they because you had other women on the side from which you were deciding to choose from? I’m guessing it was just because you were unsure about this whole marriage thing… not because you had a lineup of women you were trying to pick from. The biggest thing that concerns me in your response is how you’re ok with Monday “gathering all of the information before making such a big decision”…. she isn’t picking out a car here or making some kind of purchase. If she doesn’t already feel in her heart that you’re the one, then obviously you’re not. Choosing who you spend the rest of your life with shouldn’t be like going to a car dealer and looking at all the models available, and choosing from a list of options that meet your requirements… you automatically know in your heart the person you’re meant to be with… which you have discovered quite recently… it took you a while, but you finally did realise she’s “the one” for you… you feel it in your heart. Monday is treating this whole thing like she’s buying a car. If she ends up marrying you, I just hope it’s because she feels it in her heart and not because you come with more options than the other grooms. Good luck FG :D

    [added by Forever Groom]:

    I see what you’re saying Lorraine, but I dont see it like she’s shopping for a car. She’s a smart girl. I also want to clear something up.

    I’m not sitting here wondering why she hasn’t picked me yet. She just happens to be in a position that requires a little more thought than looking up at the ceiling for a second and thinking “ok I know the answer”.

    As well.. Under normal circumstances two people could negotiate and renegotiate on a timeline for making such a decision. In this case however the timeline has been set for us and there is no room to negotiate additional time

    Think as if it where 3 weeks from now, or even 3 years. Do you think you’d be kicking yourself in the butt for not taking ALL the time you had given to you back then? We can’t just pull a “Back to the future” whenever we want.

    Also, in terms of an entire lifetime, these few days/weeks are just a flash in the pan. Might as well think it through while we’re here. Similarily, I’m on the same timeline so I’m going to make every effort I can to show her I love her and give the girl some space.

    But just so you know, It’s not as easy for me as I make it out to be. I have all kinds of mixed emotions about it but I’m trying to stay level headed here. I’ll know her answer soon enough.

    – Forever Groom

  5. Lorraine Says:

    I wish you the best of luck FG… with this endeavour and also with the rest of your life. I hope you truly find the happiness you deserve, whether it’s with Monday or someone else. All the Best :D

    [added by Forever Groom]:

    Thanks Lorraine. It was very nice talking with you.

    – Forever Groom