How can you get involved with Forever Groom’s mission?

I’m on a mission to get Monday Bride to forego her pending pre-arranged marriage and marry me instead – any place, any time. She is scheduled to be married on October 30th so there isn’t much time left! I am looking for people and/or organizations to support my cause as soon as – and as loudly as – they can.

Personal/Individual Support

If you’re a personal supporter then please sign the Guestbook.  You don’t have to register and it’s really simple.  Just visit my Guestbook and put in your two cents!

Corporate/Organizational Support

If you would like to show your organization’s support and would like me to proudly include your company logo on this page then sign the Guestbook and drop an email to me at with your name, website address, and a JPEG image of your company logo and it will be so!

Please act quickly as there isn’t much time until the big day.

Organizations Already Showing Their Support

Cameo Systems

  • Providers of UNIX and Linux software solutions.
  • Quantum Value Added Reseller
  • Makers of the worlds most bulletproof backup software.
  • Sun Solaris software developer

The Finer

  • Bringing North American fine art to the World
  • The largest digital collection of Bernie Brown images in the world
  • Some of Saskatchewans finest amateur artists

One Idea

  • Online resource for sharing venture ideas
  • Community for right-brained entrepreneurs
  • “Crowdcasting” for the rest of us

Guild One

  • GuildOne is a leading business solutions provider that delivers comprehensive data management applications for the energy industry.
  • Through its flagship product, Synergy 3, GuildOne provides organizations a one window approach to company asset optimization, which enables companies to make better business decisions.
  • We’re all about ensuring Forever Groom’s happiness!

Something Blue

“Best of luck to forevergroom from something blue | a bridal boutique, proud supporter of true love.”


  • Zokero Inc. is committed to providing SeisWare, a premium seismic
    interpretation solution at an affordable price on a Windows(tm) platform. Through constant improvements and a keen customer focus we strive for ease of use, high productivity for the interpreter, and software stability. Our user focus ensures customer feedback is integrated into product decisions and extends to top of the line customer support.

Blue Castle CorporationBlue Castle Corporation

  • Blue Castle Corporation, formed in 1997, is a privately owned company in Calgary, Alberta that specializes in software support and service.
  • Blue Castle was formed to provide software support and GeoScience Support Services to the oil industry. Our goal is to provide the best of class software support and services. Blue Castle is the cumulation of over 25 years of combined geophysical support service.
  • We will lead by our actions and strive to make working with Blue Castle a positive experience for everyone involved, including clients, associates, and employees.

Wings and Things

  • Beautiful Handmade Original Art, Gifts and Crafts. Every item you find in our store has been made, painted and signed by the artist, making each one special and collectable. Treasures worth giving and getting!
  • Feel free to browse through all our treasures, from our handmade and hand painted boxes, one of a kind plates, ornamental handmade butterflies, dragonflies and plaques.