Feelings I Have For You Kimberly

Some Things I Love About You Kimberly

Friday, October 24th, 2008
  • Kimberly.. I Love your kisses.
  • Kimberly.. I love your smile.
  • Kimberly.. I love the Suzie Homemaker side of you. ..and the Gardening Girl side too.
  • Kimberly.. I love that you took such good care of Tia when I was unable to.
  • Kimberly.. I love that you *still* refuse to give your dogs a haircut because you know I will get frustrated and do it for you anyway.
  • Kimberly.. I Love that when we watch a movie together you usually fall asleep in the first 10 minutes.
  • Kimberly.. I also love that I can turn the TV off anyway and say “OK honey, time for bed” and you think you’ve slept through the whole movie.
  • Kimberly.. I Love it when your car breaks down I’m the one you call for help.
  • Kimberly.. I love the Biker Chick in you and how you’d rather ride on the back of a bike with me, than learn to ride and have a bike of your own.
  • Kimberly.. I love that you are thorough and dedicated to the things you give your word to.
  • Kimberly.. I love that if you’re having trouble sleeping I can tell you ‘electronics-time’ stories and you’ll fall asleep before I can get to the part about how a transistor works.
  • Kimberly.. I love that in my absence if somebody starts talkin’ sh-t about me, you stand up and set ’em straight.
  • Kimberly.. I love that you stood up that day and said ‘Her name is…!” when everyone else wasn’t quite sure if they should.
  • Kimberly.. I love that we have grown a good set of communication skills with each other.
  • Kimberly.. I love that when you know I’m feeling down you bring me fresh slices of apple on a tiny plate.
  • Kimberly.. I love that our motto is “Relationships are based on ice-cream and sandwiches, and ice-cream sandwiches.”
  • Kimberly.. I love that you let me think I’m the boss.
  • Kimberly.. I love that you’re playful.
  • Kimberly.. I love that you believe in true love.
  • Kimberly.. I love that you believe in me.
  • Kimberly.. I love that Five-Alive is one of our favorite drinks.
  • Kimberly.. I love that we love Crime Scene Investigations.
  • Kimberly.. I love that in a restaurant you order a water with lemon, and then sit there and mash the lemon with your straw for 5 minutes.
  • Kimberly.. I love that you are slowly coming along with the whole Microsoft/Linux thing even though you’d never admit it.
  • Kimberly.. I love You – enough to watch Coronation Street with you even though I’d rather do almost anything else.
  • Kimberly.. I love that if we pick a bad movie we still watch it through to the end JUST so we can vent about it the whole time.
  • Kimberly.. I love taking road trips with you.
  • Kimberly.. I love staying home with you.

The Link Between Us

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Normally when I think of a link, I picture a carabiner or one or more links in a chain. I imagine something physically solid that can keep a good grasp of something from both sides and on both ends. These type of links gain their strength from their design – their shape.

The link between us is a very similar. It’s been forging itself since the day we met and gains it’s strength from our continued dedication to each other – no matter the shape that our relationship takes.

There was a long chain of events that brought us together five years ago, and another chain of events that somehow directed us to where we are now. It may not be a place we thought we’d ever be, but we’re here and it’s not over unless you say it is.

I’m proposing to you Kimberly.. on a public stage.. in full view of the public eye. Take a moment to look into my eyes and recognize my soul, like you have done so many times before.

I Love you Kimberly. Please wear my engagement ring. It’s just one of the symbols of the Link Between Us.

– Your Forever Groom, Craig

The Road To Happiness With You Kimberly

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Kimberly, the road to happiness with you is lined with tall romantic trees that blow in the gentle autumn breeze. This is the driveway that leads us to our cozy home where Jimmy, Bailey, and Trevor are allowed to run free (but they never do cuz we both know that they always just want to be with us in the house).

It’s a Beautiful day Kimberly.. Let’s spend many more of them together.

I Love You,


ckckckckckc (also known to others as xoxoxoxoxo)