The Contest

Congratulations go to the following winners of the Support Forever Groom contest:

– Sony Blue Ray DVD Player: Dave Courtney
– Sony Blue Ray DVD Player: Luigi Bentrovato
– Sony Blue Ray DVD Player: Sam Fares
– Olympus 10.1MP Digital Camera: Catherine Keatley
– Calgary Flames Tickets: Kari Ivey

As for the other draw.. Should Kimberly and I decide to get married, the draw for the (3) Wedding Invitations for two will be held once a date has been set. Here’s hoping! ..and yes, I’m still working on it!



What’s the scoop?

Here’s the deal. I’m looking for people to show their support for my cause and to give a little something back I’ve come up with and idea.

I had 1,000 individually numbered “Support Forever Groom” cards printed that I’m going to disperse throughout the city over the next few days. I’ll be getting help on this so if fate has it that I/we cross paths I’ll be asking you to accept one of these cards and hang on to it. If retailers are up to it, I’ll leave them with a small stash of cards and post their deets (details) here so you know where and when you can get some directly.

Where can I pick up my own “Support Forever Groom” card?

Check out this page for more info.

What To Do With Your Card

Fill out the following fields and click on the send button.

This contest is no longer active

I’m not looking to store your deets and sell them later on down the road. I just need a way to get ahold of you in the awesome event that your number comes up in the draw. Keep the card in a safe place. You’re going to need it to collect your winnings when the time comes.

What’s Up For Grabs?

Grand Prize – Invitation To Our Wedding

In the event that Monday Bride chooses to forego her pending marriage to a stranger AND accepts my proposal for her hand in marriage the prize list will include 3 invitations for two to our own wedding in the near future. And no, we haven’t set a date yet, lol

Gadget Prize – Sony Blue-Ray DVD Players

My friends at Zokero, Inc. were kind enough to donate 3 Sony Blue-Ray DVD players for the cause. No you don’t get to have all 3 :( I thought I’d keep the other two for myself (kidding). Seriously though, I’m putting them all up for grabs. The bad news is, I can’t post any model numbers or pictures here just yet so you’re just going to have to trust me!

Gadget Prize – Olympus Stylus 1030SW Digital Camera

My friends at Blue Castle Corporation found it in their hearts to donate an Olympus 10.1 MegaPixel digital Camera to the cause.  It’s a crazy camera and it’s listed as water, freeze, shock, and crush proof! Thanks guys!

Entertainment Prize – Calgary Flames Tickets

It’s sure nice when your friends can back you up!  GuildOne has set aside a pair of tickets to a Calgary Flames home game in support of my cause. Details about which seats and which game will be posted here as soon as I get them.

What Are The Odds?

Well, if I manage to give out a thousand cards before the deadline your odds are likely gonna be 1 in 1000 that you’re going to win something. But I’m only drawing numbers from the ones that have been properly registered here so your odds really depend on the number of entries recieved.

Deadlines, Deadlines

OK so time’s running short and it’s going to be a pretty quick little event. You must register your card here before November 2nd at noon. Only winning cardholders will be notified and you can only collect your winnings by bringing the winning card in for forensics testing.

The draw for the DVD players, the camera, and the flames tickets will be made on November 3rd at 5:00 PM and winners will be notified by email at 5:00 PM the next day.

The draw for the wedding invitations is of course, pending, but if all goes well I’ll post the date and time of the draw soon after I know that things are lookin’ up. Either way I won’t be accepting card registrations after November 2nd at noon.

Winner’s names will be posted here only if they so desire.

Good Luck

Good luck with the draw, and again thank you for showing your support and sharing your thoughts!

– Forever Groom