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We’ve listed all our external links here so you don’t have to go hunting around the site to find them.

Energy1015.com – The radio station that’s conducting the ‘social experiment’ Two Strangers & A Wedding

Forever Groom’s Last Attempt Cause – Forever Groom’s facebook cause

Support Forever Groom – Forever Groom’s facebook group

2 STRANGERS AND A WEDDING! Nice To Meet You…I Do! – Energy 1015’s facebook group

In the News/Media:

Calgary Herald article by Robin Summerfield“A would-be groom comes to his senses”

Calgary Herald article by Robin Summerfield – “Two winners of a Calgary matchmaking contest decide not to get married”

Calgary Sun article by Kelly Doody“Bride photo put to bed” – It’s too bad this little bit of PR on “wee Monday” got a little messed up. No matter how the story started, I say hats off to the Sun for protecting their own Integrity.

Breakfast Television – Breakfast TV’s main page.

Canada AM – Canada AM’s main page. (link to video of interview not available).

Radio contest sparks controversy – CTV

Calgary Herald article by Robin Summerfield – “The Bride Chooses Her Groom”. Another great story by a great story writer! Thanks again Robin! :) :)