Part one: Mission accomplished!

Well if you haven’t already heard, the wedding did not take place!  I am so relieved! But it’s not over yet.

My Bride’s name is Kimberly McCorkell, and my name is Craig Nelson. I am still in pursuit of her, and now I know I’m making progress!

Thanks again for all your support.. I will certainly keep you up to date on how it’s going!

Craig (Forever Groom)

One Response to “Part one: Mission accomplished!”

  1. 1neidea Says:

    Yes, ‘Craig’ – if in fact that is your real name (lol) – good for you. I and many others around our office witnessed the suspense earlier today. I’m hoping your nerves are slightly less wound up than they were when day broke today! I have to admit, after seeing the photo posted on your ‘nemises’ blog site today, I can totally see what you’ve been fighting for!