Some Things I Love About You Kimberly

  • Kimberly.. I Love your kisses.
  • Kimberly.. I love your smile.
  • Kimberly.. I love the Suzie Homemaker side of you. ..and the Gardening Girl side too.
  • Kimberly.. I love that you took such good care of Tia when I was unable to.
  • Kimberly.. I love that you *still* refuse to give your dogs a haircut because you know I will get frustrated and do it for you anyway.
  • Kimberly.. I Love that when we watch a movie together you usually fall asleep in the first 10 minutes.
  • Kimberly.. I also love that I can turn the TV off anyway and say “OK honey, time for bed” and you think you’ve slept through the whole movie.
  • Kimberly.. I Love it when your car breaks down I’m the one you call for help.
  • Kimberly.. I love the Biker Chick in you and how you’d rather ride on the back of a bike with me, than learn to ride and have a bike of your own.
  • Kimberly.. I love that you are thorough and dedicated to the things you give your word to.
  • Kimberly.. I love that if you’re having trouble sleeping I can tell you ‘electronics-time’ stories and you’ll fall asleep before I can get to the part about how a transistor works.
  • Kimberly.. I love that in my absence if somebody starts talkin’ sh-t about me, you stand up and set ’em straight.
  • Kimberly.. I love that you stood up that day and said ‘Her name is…!” when everyone else wasn’t quite sure if they should.
  • Kimberly.. I love that we have grown a good set of communication skills with each other.
  • Kimberly.. I love that when you know I’m feeling down you bring me fresh slices of apple on a tiny plate.
  • Kimberly.. I love that our motto is “Relationships are based on ice-cream and sandwiches, and ice-cream sandwiches.”
  • Kimberly.. I love that you let me think I’m the boss.
  • Kimberly.. I love that you’re playful.
  • Kimberly.. I love that you believe in true love.
  • Kimberly.. I love that you believe in me.
  • Kimberly.. I love that Five-Alive is one of our favorite drinks.
  • Kimberly.. I love that we love Crime Scene Investigations.
  • Kimberly.. I love that in a restaurant you order a water with lemon, and then sit there and mash the lemon with your straw for 5 minutes.
  • Kimberly.. I love that you are slowly coming along with the whole Microsoft/Linux thing even though you’d never admit it.
  • Kimberly.. I love You – enough to watch Coronation Street with you even though I’d rather do almost anything else.
  • Kimberly.. I love that if we pick a bad movie we still watch it through to the end JUST so we can vent about it the whole time.
  • Kimberly.. I love taking road trips with you.
  • Kimberly.. I love staying home with you.

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12 years ago

I just heard about this story this morning. After reading this I’m crying, how can she not pick you…..

12 years ago

Oh! Just get married already : )