Two more posters for my sweetheart

Kimberly, here’s two more posters for you..

I will.. – I took this picture on a snomobiling trip in Golden a few winters ago.  You were busy with school that weekend and couldn’t go.

Frog leggs Jimmy – For those of you who don’t know.. Jimmy is really small and he doesn’t ask for much. He is very passive and a bit timid at times. I call him “Frog Leggs Jimmy” because his long legs aren’t noticable until he stretches them out on the couch and when he does, he looks like a big hairy frog! That and I think it makes him out to be a powerful mafia boss or something. We call this picture his Star Wars picture “These are not the droids you are looking for!”

Jimmy’s personality has since grown into someone with quite alot of confidence for a small dog. Now when the other dogs try and boss him around he takes a firm stand for himself. It’s really nice to see – funny too!


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