Things are starting to shape up!

I’m getting *lots* of positive feedback from family and friends and people are starting to take quite an interest in my mission. Very nice to see!

For starters there are a few things going on in Facebook. Join the cause: Forever Groom’s Last Attempt. It’s a good place to express your thoughts and opinions on what kind of outcome you’d like to see. I did notice there is some functionality there for placing donations – you can ignore that. I will only accept donations of goodwill and word of mouth – but thank you very much for those intentions!

There are also TWO Facebook groups to join, but since they both exist for the same purpose we’re going to merge them together. This is the one you should now join: Support Forever Groom

Also, people have started setting their Facebook status to “”. So cool! I love it!

I’m also actively looking for corporate supporters as well. The idea is that they add a small banner to their existing promotional ads that say “We support Forever Groom –” and in exchange for their generous efforts, I will proudly display their company logo and a few words about them on this site. And hey, since I’m a web guy, I’ll even place a link to their site :)

Again, I’m not looking for cash donations, just a little help with the word of mouth. The more Kimberly sees and hears how much I really do love her, the better chance I’ve got!

And as promised, here’s a couple more of those posters I made the other day:

Bailey Lappin’ it up When it comes to being comfortable you don’t get better than this! ..Oh and by the way – that IS Monday Bride in the picture!

Kooky Kyro Awwww.. Kimberly loves this picture of little Kyro. Can ya blame her? lol

We’re still working hard to get this site finished so I’m going to get back to coding.. Have a great Saturday night.

– Craig (

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