I’m Still In

The time is almost here. No wonder I’m a little restless. It also doesn’t help that Trevor’s a little too warm and is breathing slightly heavier than usual in his sleep. It’s even worse that he’s also whistling through his nose! Cute, but just a little un-nerving. :)

It was another long day for me, not in terms of work, but in terms of being able to pay attention! I have found myself wandering off in my thoughts as people are speaking to me. I went for pizza tonight with some friends and though it’s nice to get away from all of this for a few hours, actually getting away is not that easy. Perhaps I should take up Bull Fighting or something. There’s probably nothing else that says ‘Pay attention’ like a raging bull coming straight at you. :)

As you may have already noticed, I posted a video from the movie ‘Juno’. I really like that movie – odd as it is – and I like the lyrics to this song, too. Anyone got any other YouTube videos that they think would warrant a mention amidst this whole situation? Drop the link to it in the Guestbook if you like.

If it works for me, and it works for you, then I’m Still In: I’ll post the link.

– Craig

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12 years ago

Good Luck Forever Groom. Today is my 3 year wedding anniversary. Hopefully luck from me on my day will bring extra luck your way. Send Monday something special today to help her in her decision making!
Rachel in Ontario