Kimberly your billboard is…

Kimberly your billboard is up!

It’s on Blackfoot Trail and Manhattan Road S.E.

If you go northbound on Blackfoot you will see it on your right at the bottom of the hill, just before Tim Horton’s..  Maybe we could find some time to meet there and get an Ice-cap and a chocolate milk!

I Love You!


4 Responses to “Kimberly your billboard is…”

  1. Michelle Says:

    OMG FG !!! I hope she comes to her senses soon!!!! I’m with you babe!

    We all make mistakes….. Mx

  2. lild Says:

    You know what…I was all for the contest, but after she chose a young 24 year old with no future yet, his life is still in limbo, she is better off getting back with you….you might not have been ready, but you sound like you have your shit together, and this 24 year old….is still in school…..ok so he is ready to get married but is he ready for life? I am so upset…..I do hope she comes back to you.

    [added by Forever Groom]:

    Actually, it sounds like Monday Groom has quite a bit going for him. Sure he may be young, but age never really bothered me anyway. I’ve always felt that if you connect with someone, well, that’s all that matters.

    I hope she comes back too.

    – Forever Groom

  3. Chris Says:

    I don’t think Monday Groom really cares if you approve of his age or not FG, since it’s not your decision anyway. But I’m even more convinced after reading that, that you and Monday Bride are in this together. You probably had this deal worked out right from the start, and you’re both just sitting back laughing at all the attention you’re getting. Monday Groom if you’re reading this, get out while you still can… this is going to be nothing but a nightmare of a relationship for you… find someone who’s not so attached to her ex. And if she ditches you at the alter, don’t take it personally, just breathe a sigh of relief ;)

  4. 1neidea Says:

    FG – your billboard turned out great! congrats! It was worth the expense (and hopefully the wait)…. time will tell. If Monday doesn’t do a double-take on her travels down Blackfoot now, then I think she must have neglected to scrape her windows!

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